Gabriela Grassi Quartucci Guaritá Bento

Works in real estate advisory for 20 years. Participates in operations involving various real estate transactions, notably acquisitions (sale and purchase, exchange) and partnerships for development of subdivisions, from negotiation to contract drafting, conducting due diligence, and issuing opinions. Has extensive experience in studying rural properties and waterfront lands.

+5511 4200 6600 - poste 354

Practice Areas

Real Estate


Bachelor of Laws from Universidade Paulista de São Paulo (UNIP/SP), 1998. Graduated studies in Civil Procedural Law and in Contract Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica, 2001 and 2005. Specialization in Real Estate Law from Universidade SECOVI, 2012.


Co-author of the article "Rural Property and Some Registration Issues": Revista do Advogado - AASP, on the theme "Agribusiness Law". Magazine No. 134, July 2017.



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